Seth Weber Biography

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Seth Weber makes his home on the lovely Western Slope of Colorado. He is inspired by living with his wife, Chelsea, and four children, in their little stone house on the hill. He was born and raised in Arizona by artist parents who always encouraged him to pursue his artistic gifts. Seth lacks an abundance of formal training, yet, has had paint and brush in hand since childhood. His passion drives him so that you will rarely find him not creating something, unless it is high summer and the wildflowers are calling from the tundra. So... whether Seth is painting a large scale mural, doing design work, crafting a fine portrait or just enjoying crayon art with children, he feels God's pleasure in creating beauty and enjoys lifting peoples eyes and helping them smile.

''I have always loved to paint. The pleasure of painting has lead me down many beautiful roads in life. Whether painting in my studio in Western Colorado or doing a large mural in the public arena, I see art as a very powerful way to connect and inspire humanity. Turning blank canvases into eye grabbing, thought provoking images that lift peoples eyes above their daily routine is most exciting to me. I aim to create art that is inspiring to the public and the way the public relates to it is inspiring to me, making my pieces come alive.'' -Seth