Roger Martin Biography

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I have been creating wildlife sculpture in one form or another for over 30 years. At around twelve years old I taught myself how to do taxidermy. That, along with an insatiable desire to learn about wildlife, I drove my family crazy with pets ranging from raccoons to rattlesnakes and the occasional unmentionable lump in the freezer in the basement.

I started my professional career at the Schiele Museum of Natural History as an assistant curator. I quickly grew tired of making leaves for dioramas and retired at the age of 20. I was intent on becoming a sculptor so I started sculpting mannequins for the taxidermy industry. Over the course of twenty years I sculpted approximately 300 animal mannequins ranging from deer mice to Cape buffalo. As a sculptor it was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to study animals around the world in the wild, then come home and sculpt life-size anatomical portraits.

After twenty years I had to try my hands at bronze. I really wanted to sculpt hair and feathers. The understanding of anatomy and motion I learned through my taxidermy sculpture is essential to my work.