Matthew Sievers Biography

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Matthew began studying at his father's knee in his small home town in Idaho. As the son of an accomplished artist, he was exposed to many different forms of art from a very young age.

Matthew studied art at Brigham Young University-Idaho and Utah State University. His courses enabled him to experiment with various media and subjects. He also has had the opportunity to study the art of different cultures while traveling in parts of Africa and Europe. Despite studying art formally Matthew claims his greatest education has been from his father.

Matthew's unique, recognizable style includes spontaneous brushwork and liberal use of the palette knife. His energetic paintings speak through color.

''My work is an unorthodox combination of side-by-side oil and acrylic paint. Both mediums react very differently to light and using that effect in a painting is very powerful. I work in a fauvist style, using paint applied by both brush and pallet knife to create strong colors and textures. My paintings are bold and yet playful at the same time.''

As a full-time artist and a full-time father and husband Matthew finds joy and beauty in the world all around him and loves expressing it on a canvas.