Jody Rigsby Biography

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I am living my dream. In April 2016, my husband and I sold our house in Lakewood, Colorado and most of our possessions. We bought a truck, a 36 foot trailer and hit the road. He is a graphic designer and I paint. We have no idea how long this adventure will take but we are having an amazing time. Every day is a new day and it brings people, places and things that we get to experience for the first time. It is a constant reminder of how much our world is filled with beauty and bottomless inspiration.

I love to create. I will look at a subject and I think to myself, what is it in that ''thing'' that makes me want to bring it to the canvas? I identify the voice that is calling out. Sometimes its feelings, or a connection between two subjects, or even a color combination that I must try and replicate. I find that my background in quilting and teaching art to children, gave me a interesting goal when I started painting. Can I mix the patterns and colors of fabric and harness the inhibition of young people into a more traditional way of painting? Using oil paint in thick texture and thin layers and applying it with many different brushes and palette knives is what I feel keeps my work fresh looking. The connection between things, the vibration between the shapes, those spaces are very exciting to me. My fascination lies within the relationship between color, texture and line in context to the subject. The stuff that goes on in the smaller parts of the painting gets the question ''Does each inch create a little poem or story? I also ask myself, do the patterns weave in and out without distraction? Does it look like a complete painting when I step back and look at it as a whole? I paint paintings of subjects that make me feel wondrous and joy, and my goal is to spread a little happiness.

I attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, receiving a degree in Graphic Design. Now focusing on fine art I have attended workshops from Dan Beck, Kim English, Nura Mascareņas, Michelle Torrez, Mitch Caster and Melinda Morrison, as well as classes at the Art Students League of Denver.