Jesse Horton Biography

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Jesse Horton was born in Bermuda in 1980, he grew up exploring the island's reefs where he became something of a phenomenon for free diving even at a tender age.

His family moved to the mountains of Colorado when he was a teenager. For Jesse, though, the lure of the ocean was too strong, and his first career was in Costa Rica as pilot for a research submarine that could dive some 1500 feet.

Part of the fun of seeing the amazing creatures that live underwater was filming them. In 2008  he hired on as an underwater videographer for a Brazilian company creating their own version of Discovery Channel. Most of the filming was off the coast of South Africa.

His next adventure was in the South Pacific for Ocean Noise Productions. The goal was a film intent on documenting the effects manmade sounds have on whale migration. Besides filming, Jesse was captain of a sixteen-man vessel used in the production of the film. Some of the islands visited? Tonga, Fiji, American and Western Samoa and Tahiti.

How does someone with this kind of background ever become a bronze artist? Another dimension to Jesse's life was being the son of one of America's most beloved bronze sculptors, Walt Horton. Art of some form was always the family business. In the Horton household being creative was as natural as breathing and the ins and outs of the bronze process was learned by osmosis. When the family opened their own art gallery, Walt Horton Fine Art in Beaver Creek, Colorado, Jesse already had several bronze works that were well accepted by the public and collector's of his own.

In March 2010 Jesse's father passed away, leaving several works unfinished and a business that needed attention. Jesse immediately left the South Pacific and came ''home'' to take on these challenges. Fortunately, he had inherited his father's natural talent and his unique background prepared him well. You'll find Jesse's love of the outdoors and enthusiasm for the creatures in it reflected in his work. Has Jesse put away his adventuresome spirit? No, but he has channeled some of his energy into the local community. He is an important asset to Vail Mountain Rescue and hands on volunteer for First Descents, a local charity for cancer patients.