Charlene Roake Biography

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Artist's Statement:

It is such a privilege to see and experience God's creation first hand. The wonder and awe I feel when painting on location is never lost on me. As an artist it is my desire to share the fact that a loving God created this beauty for us to enjoy. If in some way others are blessed through my painting, then I have succeeded as an artist.

Artist's Biography:

Born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Charlene was raised in the Kentucky countryside, where she developed a love for the outdoors early in life.  Some of her fondest childhood memories are of playing on the farms of friends, surrounded by nature and all kinds of critters.

Always interested in art from a young age, it never became part of her formal education until after college graduation.  With the encouragement of early instructors to take her art more seriously, she began her journey as an artist.

Currently living in Colorado, she is surrounded by the majestic landscape of the Rocky Mountains.  Being able to see and experience their beauty on a daily basis provides the inspiration for her paintings.  What a joy and humbling experience it is to enter this landscape and the world of the wildlife that she studies and paints. She demonstrates her love of nature through her art. Working in oil, she produces both plein air and studio works.