Allison Leigh Smith Biography

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Allison Leigh Smith is a full time professional artist who officially began her art career upon graduation with a BFA from The Columbus College of Art and Design in 1999.

She began as an art educator, directing family programs and tours at The Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio, and soon thereafter moved to Maui, Hawaii to direct a fine art gallery. Over a span of six years, she befriended many of the artists that she worked with. They educated her on how to turn her artistic inclinations into a painting career.

In 2005, Allison found herself represented by her first gallery and entering her first shows with realistic oil paintings depicting intimate views of anything and everything she cherished: her grandmother's marble collection, her cat, water droplets on a plumeria flower. Her work was well-received and she gained more representation and exposure country-wide. Ms. Smith's realism evolved into photorealism and she donated paintings to places where she felt they would serve the greatest good. This generated dozens of works commissioned by several hospitals, health care facilities, and community centers.  Allison continues to create artwork for fine art galleries, architects, small businesses, and large corporations including P&G, Macy's, Urban Outfitters UK, and Barney's.

You can purchase Amy's work exclusively through the Horton Fine Art Gallery.